Focusing on Tech Enthusiasts when adopting technology

Dörthe JansDirector of Audience Data
Lisa InhoffenMarketing Manager
März 13, 2018, 10:54 vorm. GMT+0

At the "Unleashing Innovation 2018" in Amsterdam, we gave exclusive insights into how companies can best introduce a new technology product to the market.

New technologies always take a certain amount of time for people to get used to them. Doubts are common during this phase, for example, 54 percent of GB adults say, that the increasing reliance on digital assistants is dangerous to society. Reducing these fears takes time and patience. This process can be accelerated by focusing on the target group who take an especially positive view of technology.

This group of tech enthusiasts can be placed in a framework that combines two levels of technological interaction. On one hand they are usually interested in trying the latest technology products, services and apps. Whilst on the other hand they also think technology changes their lives for the better.

When a company plans to introduce new technical innovations to the end user, it is worth focusing on this group. Because they carry their enthusiasm for new things into their environment and thus influence it in a positive way. However, it is important to address them correctly. Therefore, marketers have to understand the Tech Enthusiast audience beyond demographics.

In a wide variety of areas, it is worthwhile to use this group as an influencer. They are often the first of their friends, to try new technology (63 percent). In addition, two-thirds of them cannot manage a day without mobile communication (66 percent). Whilst three out of five (58 percent) also benefit from the time saved by language assistants , and three-quarters (73 percent) point out that wearable devices can encourage people to be more healthy.

The communication with this group should be as personalized as possible, as they are more likely to respond to advertising that is tailored to them. Due to their high activity via mobile communication platforms, companies should address tech enthusiasts via Twitter and Facebook, for example, ideally with topics or influencers that are of interest to them.

The complete presentation can be downloaded here for free.