YouGov on the day poll: Remain 52%, Leave 48%

Juni 23, 2016, 9:00 nachm. GMT+0

On-the-day recontact poll shows YouGov's final figures as Remain 52% and Leave 48%

Joe Twyman, YouGov's Head of Political and Social Research: "Today YouGov conducted a survey, going back to the same people we spoke to yesterday to find out how they actually voted. The survey found a small move to Remain and based on these results we expect the United Kingdom to continue as a member of the European Union.

"Remain are on 52% with Leave on 48%.

"The results are close and it's too early to call it definitively. But these results, along with the recent trends and historical precedent, suggest a Remain victory is the more likely outcome."

Tables for the on the day poll