The YouGov Omnibus is an essential tool for generating campaign coverage, new product development and campaign planning and evaluation. Gauge instant public opinion on breaking news stories, track your ads and test your concepts.

You want to find out how we deliver the results of an Omnibus survey?

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All our YouGov Omnibus services include questionnaire design and results production (We deliver a set of results, chart report in pp and SPSS file on demand). Your tables of results are delivered in Excel with the demographic splits listed below:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Education level
  • Net household income
  • Region West/East
  • Region (Bundesländer)
  • Nielsen region
  • Household size
  • Decision maker in household
  • Minors
  • Family status
  • Religion
  • Immigrant background
  • Residential property
  • Cars in household
  • Parliamentary election
  • Political interest
  • Occupation
  • Social network

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