Asia's Consumer Markets - how to think about Research & Insights in the world's most dynamic region

Thursday, 26th of March 2015 at 11 am CET 

For many companies, Asia represents the next big growth story. It's an exciting but often misunderstood opportunity. This is a region like no other, where consumer preferences shift fast; where the factors shaping consumer markets are often very different from those in the mature markets of Europe and North America; and where a few years can mean the difference between entire families living a rural existence and becoming city dwellers and an active part of the burgeoning consumer economy.

This webinar looks at some of the defining characteristics of Asia and the key Asian consumer markets. It explores some of the most important themes to think about when conducting research in the region. And it offers examples of how companies big and small have tackled the challenges of understanding what drives and motivates consumers in the world's growth engine.

The Webinar will be held in English.

Das Webinar richtet sich an betriebliche Marktforscher und Marketingmitarbeiter.

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Patrick Corr
YouGov Asia Pacific

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